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Coloma School, Uganda

Helping Coloma Primary School in Uganda


Year 5/6 helped us to learn about the children in Coloma Primary School. They showed each class a power point of photographs and told us facts like these:

  • When the 5 year old children come to school they have never used a flush toilet, eaten from a plate while sitting at table or slept on a mattress and in a bed alone.
  • The 7 year old children knit blankets to give to different disabled children in the area.
  • The 10 year old children do their own washing because they have no washing machines.
  • Like all children, they love to play. Monkey bars are the favourite and they swing until their hands get blisters!
  • When the orphans were confirmed, the school provided each of them with a new dress and sandals and they all had a big party!



After our Reception Class / Year 5/6 Welcome assembly, we had a coffee morning to raise funds for Coloma School.

All of the children donated money and enjoyed cakes and juice.

A grand amount of £500 was sent off to Coloma School.


In October, Miss Henderson received this ‘Thank you’ email:

Best wishes from Coloma Primary School.
I have just received an email from Sr Noreen, who care takes our money in England telling me that she has received ₤500 from St Bede’s Primary School. Thank you very much for that – was it the result of your fund raising day? What a wonderful collection  – we are indeed very grateful and on behalf of the school administration, please convey our sincerest thanks.
We have had a financial meeting as to how to use the money and without a doubt it is for books. We have a small but beautiful library in the school. This year to date we have not been able to buy a single new book for it. We did get a bit of money but we used it to get cushions for the children to sit on.  From P3 to P7 each class has 2 library lessons per week. The children simply eat books and some in the top class must have read every book we have and are now on second round.
Right now we are busy in the school – the final years sit for their final state exams November 2nd and 3rd. After that we can plan a trip to Kampala and do some purchasing. When I have done that I shall write you a comprehensive report with pictures.
Many thanks to all who contributed, to the staff and pupils and parents I’m sure.
Blessing upon you all
Sr Mona Maher