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Curriculum Information for Parents Summer 2017

Data Information Booklet for Parents

On Thursday 22nd June, grown-ups were invited to take part in our nursery ‘Count Us In’ workshop. Parents, grandparents and other relatives learned how maths is taught in the early years. They discovered that maths is actually all around us, every day and found out how they can promote maths at home. They were then given the chance to take part in some fun, maths activities with their children. Everyone received a certificate for completing the workshop. Well done, everyone!


We were overwhelmed with the response from grown-ups, with 61.5% attendance.

Music Workshop

Music Workshop 1
Music Workshop 2
Music Workshop 3

The children in nursery took part in a fun music workshop “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.  We learned new words like “tempo”, “dynamics”, “forte”, “piano” and “timbre”.

Footy Phonics

The children in nursery worked alongside coaches from the ‘Foundation of Light’ in Sunderland to help with their phonics skills and dribbling techniques.  They played different football games, with phonics incorporated in them.  

The children in nursery have been reading the story of “The Gingerbread Man”. 


We used this story as a focus for our whole school "Science Week".  The children made predictions on what they thought would happen to the gingerbread man if he went into the water.  We then tested out our theories by putting our gingerbread men into the water tray.  We found out that the gingerbread man changed in lots of ways. 


The story also provided us with lots of opportunities to take part in fun, active maths and problem solving activities.  We talked about how we could help the gingerbread man to get across the river safely and constructed our own bridges, boats and towers.  We reflected on our ideas and models and checked to see if they could really work.     



The Gingerbread Man

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How could we help the gingerbread man to get across the river?



After reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the children in nursery were surprised to find a letter from the giant in their classroom!  The giant was writing to ask for the children’s help in finding some of his giant coins that he had dropped when visiting our school.  The children went on a hunt around school looking for the giant’s coins, following his dirty footsteps and found all five of them!  We used positional language to describe where the coins were found.  We even saw the giant peeking into our nursery window!  The giant was very kind and gave us some chocolate coins for all of our hard work.  Thank you, giant!    

Some of our nursery children attended an Early Years Foundation Stage Gymnastics Festival at Hedworth Gymnastics Centre.  The children were introduced to the basics of gymnastics, rotating around a series of gymnastics activities, all led by qualified gymnastics coaches.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny visited school this morning, but he came too early, before the children had arrived.  He left chocolate eggs all around school for the nursery children to collect.  The children went on an egg hunt.  We worked on number recognition, counting and positional language and then got to eat the chocolate eggs that we had collected.  Yum!

The Secret Garden - Shh!

The Secret Garden - Shh!  1 Filling the tyres with compost...
The Secret Garden - Shh!  2 Filling the tyres with compost...
The Secret Garden - Shh!  3 Filling the tyres with compost...
The Secret Garden - Shh!  4 "It's a worm. A think al call em Harry!"

The nursery children have begun lots of work in their brand new outdoor area – the “Secret Garden”.  So far, they have helped to… build a bug hut, dig a mud pit, build a hill and have planted grass seeds on it, have helped to fill tyres with compost to make planters, have planted seeds to grow their own flowers and have enjoyed showing how strong they are by helping to roll tyres across the field.  They have also enjoyed looking for mini-beasts – especially a worm they have named “Harry”.  Keep up the great work guys!

The Train Ride

Still image for this video

The Train Ride

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The Train Ride

We read "The Train Ride" story by June Crebbin, then worked together to build our own train. 

Nursery Stay and Play

On Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th March, parents and carers were invited to a nursery ‘Stay and Play’ session. Adults were given the chance to take part in some activities with their children and see them in action. Mrs McLaren and Miss Wood were available to chat about the children’s progress and the children’s learning journals were available for grown-ups to look at.


Thank you to everyone who came along. We had 81% attendance from grown-ups. The children and the staff really enjoyed it!


What did our parents say?

“I enjoyed seeing his work and how he is progressing.”


“It was great seeing how she has improved over the year and seeing what she gets up to in nursery.”


“I can see she really enjoys nursery and the activities.”


“The learning journal is good as it shows how much she has progressed, from when the contents were done to now.”


“The learning journal is great to see the progress she is making.”


“The learning journal is a lovely record of the year and a real insight into the work and play in nursery."


“It was brilliant to read and see how well he is doing.”


“He has settled very well in the nursery. He enjoys coming.”


“I enjoyed seeing her being comfortable in her environment. Also, I liked seeing the variety of activities available.”


"I enjoyed finding out about things she talks about at home, for example, the Bogey Station."


“I am very happy with all of her work and seeing how she does it all.”


"It was good to see how he is getting on."


"He loves coming to nursery every day."


"I am happy with her progress."


"It was really interesting to see his progress."




The children in nursery read "Mr Wolf's Pancakes".  Then, we made our own pancakes!


Valentine's Day

The children in nursery decorated some biscuits and made their own Valentine's Day picture.  They also enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows once we came back in from playing outside.

Chinese Ribbon Dancing

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Outdoor Chinese Ribbon Dancing

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Chinese Dragon Dancing

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Monkey Business!

The children in nursery have been climbing over and crawling under our gym equipment as well as balancing on the benches.

Rob Lewis Visit

The children in nursery were visited by Rob Lewis, an author, illustrator and storyteller.   

Nursery have been taking part in Junior Yoga sessions, with the aim of developing better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and co-ordination. Check out those moves!

Cafod Harvest Day Celebrations

Nursery and Reception celebrated Cafod Fast Day by wearing bright colours and then painting with them.

We can paint a rainbow!

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Nursery and Reception working together to paint a rainbow mural!

Incey Wincey Spider!

The Nursery role play area was a Doctors' Surgery, to fit in with our "All About Me" topic.


Ruby's nana came to visit us to tell us all about her job as a nurse. She brought in some very interesting hospital equipment and gave us lots of new things for our own Doctors' Surgery.