St Bede's Primary School, Jarrow

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In Reception we work alongside parents and carers to develop children's communication, social, emotional and physical skills as well as encouraging independence in our young learners.

Children will develop creative skills through art, craft, technology and musical activities.

Early literacy and maths skills are developed through discrete, fun and creative play based activities, stories, songs and rhymes.

Children will learn about the diverse world around them through real life experiences, such as cooking, shopping and caring for animals and plants. 

Teaching and learning take place both indoors and outdoors, through a mix of whole class and small group sessions. Children have many opportunities to play independently, giving them the chance to apply newly acquired skills while following their own interests. Children can choose to play in the classroom or outside.

There will be many opportunities for parents and carers to get involved and communicate with staff, through sessions such as 'Stay and Play' afternoons, shared learning journals, 'Family Learning' workshops, skills sessions in maths and literacy and regular parents' evenings. Parents and carers are encouraged to share their experiences and skills with the class e.g. Are you a nurse/chef/factory worker? Do you have experience of living in other countries? Do you have a unique skill? Would you like to share with our class? 

Please do not hesitate to speak with Mrs Buck regarding your child's well-being.