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The children in Year 2 visited West Boldon Lodge and had a wonderful time learning about life-cycles, pond dipping, den building, cutting and chopping wood to make a campfire - and enjoying marshmallows roasted over the fire!

Year 5 STEM Workshop-forces


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Balloon rockets!

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Year 6 Scientists at work in The Lifelab investigating chemical changes.

BBC Terrific Scientific Investigation 2 : The Water Challenge. Find out the results of our Year 6 Scientists on the Terrific Scientific website.

Year 2 had fun disassembling nappies. They went on to design, make and test their own nappies. Some designs were successful.....and some weren't! But everyone had great fun!

Year 2 having fun exploring absorbency and making instant snow!

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Exploring absorbency in Year 2

Year 2 Scientists using Newton Meters to find the force needed to rip different materials.

Our school is taking part in BBC Terrific Scientific.  This is an exciting new science project for 9-11 year olds.

Year 5 participated in the first investigation to find out which children were Supertasters!

It is thought that 1 in 4 people are Supertasters, meaning that they have a more intense reaction to bitter tastes.

To find out who was a Supertaster, the children smeared a drop of natural blue food dye on the end of their tongues and counted the bumps in an area the size of a hole punch.  These are called fungiform papillae, and hold their taste buds.

The children enjoyed finding out who were Supertasters, tasters and non tasters!  

Take a look at our photographs below.

BBC Terrific Scientific: Investigation 1- The Super Taste Test.

Science Club Session 2: Chemical Reactions. We had a lot of fun making our own bath bombs and sour tasting sherbet!

Year 2 having great fun investigating the properties of cornflour slime!

Year 2 classifying photo cards into living things, non-living things and things which have never been alive.

Year 5 exploring the effects of water and air resistance on their boats.

Year 6 now understand how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Y6 Scientists discovered so much information during their workshop session about The Heart