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Curriculum Information Summer 2016

Curriculum Information Spring 2016

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Music in Y2

The children have been working with Mr. O from Music Hands to compose digital music. You can hear some of their music by clicking here.

Mrs Stephenson and Miss Relf worked with the children who have birthdays in August to design and make delicious smoothies. The girls chopped up the fruit and then tried mixing and blending different fruits before they decided on their favourites. Then they made melon, orange and apple smoothie, strawberry and banana smoothie and pineapple, kiwi and coconut smoothie. They then asked the class to choose their favourite smoothie and made tally charts of the data or information. The class loved the smoothies and said things like: Delicious! Tasty! Fruity! Fantastic; the best smoothie ever!; Lush! Thank you to the three girls who worked really well as a team!

Mrs Stephenson and Miss Relf helped the children who have birthdays in April, May and June to make Queen's Birthday Muffins. They weighed and measured carefully. After the muffins were cooked, the children decorated them with red, white and blue icing. Then they were all ready for 'Red, White and Blue Day'!

Year 2 visited the OpenZone on March 17th. Mrs Hayward took small groups into the recording studio. There they sang songs and some children read confidently from the autocue! Mrs Hayward was very impressed.

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Mrs Chippendale showed them how to use the I Can Animate app and the iMovie app. The children worked in groups to make some fantastic lego movies. Please take a look at our work – we think you’ll agree that it’s fabulous!

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Year 2 are our first class to pick from the Attendance Box because they had 100% attendance last week!

Julie Inkster, South Tyneside's Road Safety Officer, came to teach the children how to cross the road safely.

Monkey Muffins

The children have been learning about the Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Monkey. We found some Monkey Muffins in the Baking Book and Mrs Stephenson and Miss Relf kindly helped the children who have birthdays in January, February and March to make some for their classmates.

They read the recipe and followed each step carefully. They used scales to measure the amounts of ingredients needed. They used different techniques such as ‘rubbing in’ and ‘stirring’. You’ll see from the photos that they had a great time.

Everyone enjoyed eating the muffins!

Year 2 Class Assembly

The children entertained the school and their parents and grandparents when they performed Little Red Riding Hood.

They narrated perfectly, sang beautifully and the actors were all stars!

After the performance, Mrs Smith asked them for some adjectives to describe how they thought it had gone.

Here they are:

Excellent!   Super!  Fabulous!  Awesome!  Spectacular!  Happy!

Outstanding!  Scary!  Perfect!  Superb!  Marvellous!  Great! Fantastic!

And she couldn’t disagree with any of them!

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Picture 4


The class had a super day at the OpenZone!

They used Lego Wedo to construct a crocodile and then program it to snap its jaws shut!


They also used iPads to program Bluebots. They learned a new word - debug - ask them what it means!


The children have been reading a book called ‘The Patchwork Quilt’ by Penny Ives. The Granny in the story had been reusing old material to make a patchwork quilt.

Then something exciting happened – we got a letter from Granny asking for our help. She wanted a special quilt for her granddaughter’s 12th birthday. Her letter explained exactly what she wanted.

Four children did really well and Granny sent them a box of Maltesers each!

To help us to remember the Christmas Story, the children have been taking home "The Travelling Crib". This helped them to remember the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem and, as a family, take time to stop and think about the true meaning of Christmas. We hope you like our photos.

Look who visited Year 2

Year 2 Enjoying Books!

Spooky Cookies!

The children in Year 2 who have birthdays in November and December worked with Mrs Stephenson and Miss Relf to make some Spooky Cookies!

As you’ll see in the photographs, they all had great fun! 



Year 2 have been learning to write instructions.

They know that to do well you need:

  • Bossy verbs
  • Time connectives

They made a chocolate spread sandwich and, with the help of Mrs Reed, a cheese and tomato pizza!

They wrote instructions for both of these.

You can see from the photos that they had a fantastic time!

World Maths Day


On World Maths Day, Year 4/5 and Year 2 worked together with the Maths Puzzle Challenge Games.

The leadership qualities in the children from Year 4/5 were a pleasure to see.

There was kindness, caring, sharing, explaining, laughing and chatting!

We hope you enjoy the photos!

Babies and Toddlers

Reuben (who is Amelia’s baby brother) and Evie (who is the baby sister of Owen in Y6), came to visit Year 2 during their science lesson. The children in Year 2 confidently asked lots of questions!
They learned a lot about babies and toddlers:

  • They both sleep in cots.
  • Evie has no teeth but Reuben has 6 teeth.
  • Evie just drinks milk but Reuben drinks milk, water or juice and he eats just about everything! Reuben drinks from a cup but Evie drinks from a bottle.
  • Reuben can crawl and walk. Evie makes baby noises but Owen can say some words like Mam, Dad and Nana and he even tries to say Amelia!
  • They’ve both had injections to stop them from catching nasty diseases!


We hope you like the photographs!

African Fortnight in Year 2

Year 2 were really excited to use the iPads in their maths lesson. They all felt very grown-up!

The children in Year 2 having been reading ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson.


As a special treat, the children who have birthdays in September and October followed a recipe to make Gruffalo Crumble for all of their classmates.

All of the class enjoyed the Gruffalo Crumble with ice cream!


They have been learning about adjectives and they were quick to think of some to describe their treat!

Crunchy!        Lush!       Sweet!      Really nice!

Yummy!       Grumbelicious!

Someone even said, ‘It was better than Mince and Dumplings!’


Enjoy the photographs!




Look at these pictures of Year 2 using

Squashy Boxes to practise their number bonds for 10!