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Year 6

Curriculum Overview Year 6 Autumn 2017

Getting to Know Our Buddies.

Year 6 have been preparing for their Reception Buddy Assembly on Friday 29th September.

We hope to see you there, come along and see the Year 6  and Reception Children in their assembly.

They have got to know each other by spending time with them at playtimes, dinner times and extra sessions so they get to know each other. I know the Year 6 have settled into being the oldest in the school but they have also really helped the children in Reception   to settle into school life.

The Arrival Thought Freeze Frame

The Arrival Thought Freeze Frame   1 The Arrival Boat Scene
The Arrival Thought Freeze Frame   2 Thought Freeze Frame

The Arrival by Shaun Tan


In Year 6 we have been using The Arrival by Shaun Tan as our writing stimulus.  We set up  role play and freeze frame thoughts in the classroom today. We were asked to bring bags, suitcases and blankets into class today by Mr Brown.

The Arrival is about refugees fleeing their own country for different reasons, but this book has no words to read! The pictures and music have stimulated us to write through our feelings and thoughts of others.

We set up a scene from the journey on the boat and it felt real due to us being cold and wet from the crashing waves as they pounded  the boat. (PS. We really did get wet, see Mr Brown!)

Shared Maths!


Year 4 and Year 6 had a fantastic morning on Tuesday! They worked together with their Shared Maths partner and got to solve lots of interesting maths questions, with Year 6 sharing their expert knowledge!


Kenzie (Y4) said, "I found it really helpful to work with my partner!"


Thompson (Y6) said, "I think I could be a teacher as I like to help my Year 4 partner!"


Our exciting Shared Maths sessions take place every Tuesday in Year 4 and Year 6.